Introducing MassMedicum

MassMedicum is a Non-Profit Corporation founded to provide the highest quality medical marijuana products to the patients of Massachusetts. The company is led by a team of medical and pharmaceutical professionals who will set the standard of care and service to our patients. In addition to the Medical Director and the Registered Pharmacist, MassMedicum’s Ph.D. biochemist has decades of experience in establishing and managing laboratory personnel. MassMedicum is committed to training all dispensary agents in order to perform all job duties and functions safely and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, while ensuring appropriate training in medical dispensing, safety, security, incident management, and diversion and theft prevention.

Provisional License

MassMedicum Corp has been awarded 1 of the first 15 provisional Registered Marijuana Dispensary licenses in Massachusetts (estimated opening First Quarter 2018). MassMedicum has received approval to construct a retail dispensary in Taunton, Massachusetts, and is proceeding with the buildout of cultivation and processing facilities in Holbrook Massachusetts.  The municipal leadership in both Massachusetts communities have supported the proposals of MassMedicum to bring a truly medical product to the medical marijuana patients of Massachusetts.