The Team

MassMedicum has assembled a team of elite scientists and chemists who plan to delve into the biology of cannabis on a molecular level in search of groundbreaking medications to treat the array of diseases that cannabinoids can ameliorate.

Medical Director

MassMedicum’s Medical Director and CEO, Dr. James Kurnick brings a unique medical and scientific expertise to an industry in which the medical element has often been secondary to business interests. For more than 30 years, Dr. Kurnick has been a been a licensed Massachusetts physician/scientist with academic affiliations at an acclaimed hospital and Medical School. His work includes more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and he his research has been awarded Millions of dollars in NIH and private foundation grants. Dr. Kurnick is the co-founder of two biotech companies and was one of the creators of a successful drug now approved for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


Cultivating and processing the highest quality organic cannabis. Our master cultivator is a UCLA-trained botanist, who brings his two decade long experience in California to the MassMedicum operation. He will be using proprietary composted soils, organic teas, beneficial insects and a myriad of other methods to create a state of the art facility for MassMedicum). As Massachusetts requires that all products be originally produced from seeds, the expertise in selecting the highest quality genetics from seed stock will be an important element in the MassMedicum model.

Medicinal Chemist

MassMedicum has Ph.D. level scientists to oversee the production of the ideal blends of products extracted from the cannabis plants. In addition to providing strain diversity, including a full line of high CBD medications, that will provide the varying cannabinoid profiles necessary to treat a myriad of debilitating conditions, MassMedicum will strive to help patients to select the most appropriate products for the variety of diseases for which patients are seeking relief from cannabis medicines. By providing highly purified and well-characterized medications, MassMedicum will be in a position provide and creat innovative cannabis-based medications. This will include smoke-free delivery systems to allow patients to benefit from the medications without the need to inhale toxic smoke.

Registered Pharmacist

Although the regulations in Massachusetts do not require professional credentials for the staff of the dispensaries, MassMedicum’s goal is to provide both the organization and patient oversight that would be expected from any medical dispensary. Thus, the MassMedicum Registered Marijuana Dispensary will be organized and supervised by a Registered Pharmacist who will be available for patient consultations. Encouraging adoption of smoke free intake methods by extracting the purest concentrates and producing the highest quality infused products, including edibles, sublinguals, balms and transdermals.

Security for Patients and the Community

MassMedicum’s team includes security professionals with more than 3 decades experience in police, security and corrections that give MassMedicum unrivaled experience in establishing and maintaining security for our patients, and a level of confidence to the community that drug diversion will be minimized from the outset. MassMedicum’s goal to promote education for patients, the medical community, government and law enforcement better understand the potential benefits and risks associated with medical cannabis. MassMedicum’s goal is to encourage proper and responsible usage of medical cannabis.